Mo'jive Christmas Freestyle

Christmas Freestyle Collage
Mo'jive Christmas Freestyle 2006
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Thursday this week, I along with Selima Cooper, Louise Kenchington, Laurie Miller and my brother Matt attended the Mo'jive Christmas Freestyle at the Pavilion Ballroom.

We all had a great evening and danced our feet into submission!

Baby Names

My sister Helen is visiting town with her hubby Andy. They are expecting their first child next month. With that in mind I was interested to read today the babies' names chart for 2006 published today by the ONS.

Peter Ivor Cooper

Today I attended the funeral services for Peter Cooper, family friend, member of the Bournemouth Ward and my driving instructor. My Dad was asked by Peter's family to speak during the services. He did a good job mixing in some reflections on Peter's life with gospel doctrine on death and the resurrection.

The Prophesies of the Birth of Christ

This post links to my script and notes for a talk I gave in Bournemouth Ward yesterday. I was given 10 minutes but as I got nervous and talked fast, probably took less time. I believe it was well received.

The other speakers on the programme were Laurie Miller and Mike Winkworth.


I've been aware of blogs for some time now and today I thought it was about time that I started my own. So what are my reasons and hopes for posting on-line? To help me sort out my own thoughts and perhaps write some interesting items for my family and friends to read about. Who knows, in years to come my children and grandchildren may find what I post here insightful, if not useful, then at least for them to gain a little understanding about me.