Jenna Louise Cottrell

Jenna Louise
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Niece number eight, born today to my sister-in-law Katie and my brother Alan. Sister to Amber and Leah. [more photos]

I've already been over to see them. The girls are so excited to have a baby sister as it means Amber will eventually have her own room and Leah is now a big sister herself.

True Blue Bournemouth

Yesterday was local election day in many parts of the country. In Bournemouth the whole council was up for election. 54 councillors, 3 in each of the 19 wards. The result was a "True Blue" swing of massive proportions!

Many at work had the feeling that the Tories would be back in charge. For that to happen only 9 seats were need to change hands from the LibDems, but with a loss of 23, it meant that only 5 of the sitting LibDem councillors were returned, along with 2 new councillors. Hopefully the new administration will not get to bullish about their majority and not do anything too hasty. We will wait and see.

Full Results - Ward by Ward