Martha Heidi Cook

Martha Heidi
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Niece number seven, born today to my sister Linda and her husband Richard Cook. Sister to Emily, Naomi and Liesl.

Not sure when I'll get to see them. They moved to Grimsby in January so it will need some planning to get there, but get there I will.

Perpetual Education Fund

I am just amazed with the simple idea behind the Perpetual Education Fund. Lend a student money to pay for his education. Once they graduate they repay the loan over the next five to ten years. The money can then be recycled and loaned again to another student. The fund was started in 2001 and in the past 6 years has helped 27,000 individuals in 39 different countries. Here in the UK the government runs a state system of student loans administered by the Student Loan Company. I think the only reason why many students in the UK complain about this system is that until 1998 all state education was free up to and including university courses. I wish more could see how blessed they are.