Kylie Showgirl Homecoming

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Last night I went to Wembley Arena to enjoy Kylie Minogue at her last night in London on her current tour. Wikipedians have written an article including the set list.

Kylie included songs from all phases of her career, from "I Should Be So Lucky" and a reworked "Locomotion" to her latest hits like "Red Blooded Woman" and "Chocolate".

She also threw in a brief cover of "Vogue" and went all "Dr. Who" when the dancers came in dressed as Cybermen for the first encore.


Hedgee said...

Woohoo! Kylie is great. Did you get some good pics?

Steve said...

No I didn't. I got an email beforehand stating "due to the artist's request there is a strictly NO CAMERA policy, if you attempt to bring a camera into the auditorium it will be confiscated." Even if I had taken mine I'm sure they wouldn't be as good as some of the ones people have posted on Flickr.