My Exam Results - December 2007

My results for the CIPFA exams I took in December were published today.

Accounting for Decision Making (ADM)47Fail
Finance & Performance Reporting (FPR)49Fail
The pass mark is 50, so to have come so close to passing both is very very frustrating!

I have requested a copy of the exam marking sheets for the two exams and depending on what they show, I will consider requesting an Administrative Check, which may result in the mark being amended. Whatever the outcome I'm not giving up. I will resit both exams in June if needed.

I have now sat the FPR exam four times! My marks have been 33, 45, 28 and now 49 - I can't believe that I've just missed the pass mark.

In the ADM examiner's report he comes right out and says that collectively it was the worst ever performance with only 48% passing and the average mark dropping below 50 for the first time. This he says is in complete contrast to the previous sitting in June when 73% of candidates passed. It's of little comfort to know that most people who took the exam also failed.

Roll on June.

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